About Us

Meet the team behind the magic.

We're Epoch, and so are you.

Annie Pennell

Project Manager/Devise Diva

Annie handled devise with ease, and will authenticate your existence. Definitely the Richard of OurBank. And don't touch her Trello board, seriously.

James Bradley

Back-End/API Wrangler

James told Twilio his word shall be law, and Twilio's API replied with a 200 OK. His back-end and API mastery has been sent to your phones- check notifications.

Lyn Muldrow

Front-End Magician

Lyn likes front-end so much, she frequently dreams in HTML/CSS/Bootstrap/Javascript. Imagine how colorful her dreams are! They often include unicorns as well.

Steven Gordon

Git Master/Rails Hero

Steven took his baby from infancy to adulthood, and willed Rails magic to comply to project specs with a little help from his team. His command of databases is beyond impressive.